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Each and every one of our distinctive eyewear frames is hand-crafted in a meticulous manufacturing process that makes our products as individual as the faces they adorn.

From the initial design concept to final finishing, each step in this process is taken with painstaking attention to detail and quality, especially in our 100 percent eco-friendly acetate materials.

In creating new frame designs we take inspiration from diverse sources, interpreting current trends to form concepts for frames that are distinguished, practical and fashionable.

Our in-house design team expresses these ideas and concepts, creating sketches of frames to align style with unique visual appeal.

In the next stage, their design sketches begin to become reality and take physical shape with collections of samples made to examine practicality for production, wearer appeal and comfort.

Selecting the precise high-quality material appropriate for a frame design is essential to our manufacturing process. One of our major materials suppliers is the renowned Italian acetate manufacturer Mazzucchelli.

Our preferred Mazzucchelli M49® thermoplastic is completely biodegradable with a higher percentage of materials derived from natural sources. In addition to its eco-friendly credentials, Mazzucchelli M49® is ideal for fashioning elegant, durable frames. 

Manufacture of these frames consists of up to 60 different phases involving high-precision computerised machines, skilled hands, and quality control at each individual step. 

Acetate frames are shaped using acetate sheets of varying thicknesses and colours, before specialised machines compose them into required thickness for cutting into strips, which are then shaped by more precision machinery.

Technicians apply sequential heat treatments in manual and mechanical processes to customise the frames to their design to produce a semi-finished product, before an automated tumbling phase followed by hand-smoothing, polishing and cleaning takes them towards the final finishing stage.

This finishing is carried out by experienced crafts workers who take pride in their intricate skills that put the final touches to a lovingly-made frame that’s fashionable, eco-friendly, comfortable and robust. 

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