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OPTEX uses the best quality sustainable
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Proudly Australian, Optex is the country’s leading manufacturer of eyewear, with a passion for craftsmanship and innovation.


Produced for both optical and fashion houses across Australia and New Zealand, each Optex eye frame is intricately handcrafted in 60 steps for the individual. We ethically source raw materials and ensure that our manufacturing processes divert waste from landfills.

Our eyewear combines a unique blend of timeless professionalism, detailed technological craftsmanship, environmental awareness and contemporary aesthetics for appealing authenticity that radiates happiness.

We are committed to long-term sustainability and partnering with like-minded businesses within our supply chain. 

Our business is also unique – we work with leading fashion designers and labels to offer onshore manufacturing to help protect the designer’s intellectual property. By facilitating creativity and point-of-difference in the eyewear market, we can open up export opportunities through our international sales and distribution networks.

Optex is 100% Australian-owned and boasts a long history of nearly 60 years, dating back to 1963 in Melbourne, Victoria.

In 2018 we began a new chapter by relocating to the beautiful coastal town of Port Macquarie, where we have our own purpose-built production facility to create and enhance our stylish, environmentally-friendly eyewear.

Optex represents a natural extension of our core beliefs - Originality, Innovation and Care


We strive to make our eyewear fun and exciting to reflect the radiance of our homeland Australia’s exhilarating blue skies, open spaces and generous sunshine. 

Optex constantly creating original, inspirational eyewear to suit trends, market demands and purpose, for both optical and fashion needs.


Producing a spectacle frame is a long, intricate assembly process that requires precision, professionalism and patience. 


Optex partners with ethical and reliable acetate manufacturers and suppliers, investing time and resources to develop innovative processes.


Optex frames are manufactured using ethically-sourced cellulose acetate, signalling our essential principle of maintaining environmental sustainability.

We fulfil this through an important partnership with recyclable acetate manufacturers for our frames.

This means Optex eyewear not only looks great, but also makes our wearers feel good and puts a smile on their faces, knowing their beautiful frame has been thoughtfully created with respect for the environment.

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